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Active: The Society Presents: Fencing Lessons

“The Society challenged Culturites to a duel of historically epic proportions! On February 15, members of The Society gathered for an evening of swordplay as we were instructed in the elegant sport of fencing by World Champion and Olympic Medalist, Igor Tikhomirov.

The Society was granted exclusive access to host this event in the Crystal Ballroom of The King Edward Hotel (otherwise known in Culturites circle as the Forgotten Ballroom), which hasn’t been open to the public in over 35 years. Complete with spectacular unobstructed views of downtown Toronto and an air of old-world majesty and charm, this was definitely an unforgettable night reminiscent of the grandiose era of the Russian Tsars!”


Active: The Rules of Croquet

“Two gentlemen teach the rules of the game croquet. There may be some inaccuracy in the rules displayed here. Please check the rules with the professional croquet association before attempting to play croquet.”

Active: Brooklyn’s Horse


“Horse Cycles is a small one-man custom bike shop tucked away in the streets of Brooklyn, NY. Each frame is made with love and care, innovation and inspiration and is 100% unique. The bicycles are made to fulfill each individuals needs by considering who you are, and where you ride. Horse’s goal is to make precision bicycles one at a time using the best possible materials while working in concert with the customer to improve their riding experience. Horse offers a small alternative to a massive production based industry by paying attention to the individual to create something that is made locally, by hand, and with no limitations.”

Brooklyn’s Horse